What’s in the eBook?

This eBook details a comprehensive, multi-channel approach to marketing your practice that will help you drive leads, customers and revenue. It is full of great ideas that you can implement today to connect and engage with prospective customers, earn their trust and generate online leads that will convert into profitable business for your practice. Each chapter contains a checklist and a workbook page to help you evaluate the strength of your Web marketing efforts and jot down new marketing ideas to implement in your practice today. 




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Nathan Carter

Partner, Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter

“Dan Goldstein’s new book ‘Win with Multi-Channel Digital Marketing’ is a must-read for any professional looking to improve their business in the new and ever-changing digital marketing world. The book is full of practical and substantive advice and ideas that will immediately increase your business and improve your positioning in every Internet and social media domain.”

JoAnne Tanner

Dental Practice Management Consultant

“Far too many dentists don’t understand the full range of online marketing
opportunities and many are burying their heads in the sand. This
eBook is eye opening and a ‘must read’ for dentists who want to grow
their practices but don’t know how. I love how Dan incorporates the
checklists and action plans into each chapter and, most importantly,
that he shows how all of these strategies synergistically work together
to generate results.”